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We have been to the Spice Market in the W Hotel before and have been delighted by the service and quality of the food. The Spice Market as the name suggests has an Asian fusion in its style and food choice. We first had a drink in the uber stylish bar. This is on the first floor and has light wood and gold as its key theme. There are jars of spices and herbs that are aligned along the side of the bar and there are so many subtle decorations it is hard not to keep looking around and finding more. We sat by the bar and ordered a sour raspberry Japanese martini that was sour yet refreshingly light at the same time.

We were then taken to our table on the floor above. This is connected to the bar by a winding staircase made of the same light wood as in the bar. Upstairs the gold continues to thread through the decor but now red seems to take over and dominate as there are red table cloths, blinds and all the waiting staff are dressed in red Japanese uniforms.

We ordered the ‘Gourmet bento box’ which compromised of a number of dishes that were from their gourmet ingredient selection. We first were given a selection of fresh popadoms that were still warm from being cooked with a spicy pickle to dip them in. This was followed by a small bowl of shaved tuna with chilli tapioca. The tapioca half filled the bowl and the raw shavings of tuna lay inside this, it was really delicious and incredibly light. There was a taste of fresh Asian pears along with the subtle meaty tuna notes. This was a really subtle dish and nice way to start the meal. We then had a lime lobster summer roll which was similar to a Japanese paper roll but had a really meaty piece of lobster tail inside, Generous in size and pure white. The effort that they put into the quality as well as the presentation never fails to satisfy. The main course was duck in a red curry. This was not hot but had a very gentle kick. The curry sauce was thick and a rich brown colour which was served with sticky rice which was served wrapped in a banana leaf. The presentation was truly exquisite.

Throughout the meal, the service was faultless and we never had to wait on a course or need to complain. We asked the waiter which dessert we should have- as we are not dessert girls but as our fellow diner wanted one we thought it rude not to join in (a poor excuse we know but we are sure some of you may have been convinced…no?) The waiter said that he would get the head waiter who was in charge of the dessert formulation and he came to advice. We liked this as throughout our meal the ‘expert’ waiter in each specific area who had in depth knowledge on that area and could advise.

For dessert we shared a fruit platter and were told that it ‘should’ be enough to share and it definitely was! The platter had a wide variety of tropical fruit including pineapple, dragon fruit and Asian pear. There was certainly enough for two with a number of slices and chucks of each variety,

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives the Spice Market – W Hotel for food, service and overall quality:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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