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Le Bouchon Breton restaurant is based on the upper floor of Spitalfield Market and as a result has lovely views of the market. It is light and airy as the markets tented ceiling rides high.

When we walked in we had the option to sit on the terrace or in the restaurant itself which is traditional French in style with cream black and gold furnishings that ooze elegance. This place is simple yet stylish, it is clearly well frequented and known for good food and service. Unlike many of the other surrounding restaurants it does not pretend to be something it isn’t.

As it was such a lovely summer evening we decided to sit on the terrace. We were welcomed by a friendly head waiter who asked us where we would like to sit and made us feel as if we were walking into a family run business. We ordered steak tartare and tuna Carpaccio for starters along with a bottle of white wine. The steak tartare was deliciously rough in texture but the egg had already been mixed in; we prefer to mix the egg in ourself as we feel it is less likely to be prepared in advance. The steak was fresh, however  not well seasoned. The tuna Carpaccio came out in slices the thickness of pound coins and was seared around the edge and raw in the centre. It was delicious and light in comparison to the steak tartare.

The wine we ordered was the house white; we realise that by ordering a house wine we brought this upon myself, however with pay day still a few days ahead it would suffice. We have often had fairly nice house wines and expected it in a French restaurant that it should be up to standard – well at least drinkable. However this vintage was horrific; we can honestly say we have never had such foul tasting wine. We would have chosen paint stripper over this; needless to say this was soon put to one side.

For main course we ordered a 14 day rump steak, with seasoned vegetables and green beans. We had ours cooked blue and our friends opted for rare. Our steak  was cooked to perfection and the steak was thick and juicy. There was no fat in it but well marbled. The vegetables were al dente and really well seasoned.

Throughout the meal our glasses were always topped up and felt well waited on. If we had a question the waiters seemed to almost sense this and would come over to see if we were OK. They did not overly service us which was nice as it would have ruin the meal. For instance we hate when enthusiastic waiters ask how the meal is while you have  a mouthful of food or standing over your shoulder checking if you have finished you meal every five seconds.

Le Bouchon Breton is in a great location and has a family owned atmosphere. Added to this the food quality goes hand in hand with the service and the price is good too.

Over all Le Bouchon Breton gets from Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

3 Stars2 Stars2 Stars

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