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Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls have been planning to go to the Mayfair Burger and Lobster since it opened as it has received a lot of attention; however the rumours of long queues and the fact we would have had to commute further out put us off slightly (yes we know this is a dull reason but hey it’s the truth). So when the new Burger and Lobster opened in Soho and seemed to have little to no waiting times, we couldn’t wait to try this place. This place is located in the heart of Soho on Dean Street and is rather subtly located between a few of the more extravagant looking restaurants.

We walked into the clean open plan restaurant and were greeted by a friendly waiter who quickly took us to our seat. The restaurant had a 1950’s diner feel with the large bar located to one side. We were immediately asked if we had been to this place before, the friendly waiter explained that there were two options; lobster and chips or lobster and burger and we could upgrade our lobster if we were really hungry. All was going well until they gave us plastic aprons, wet wipes and napkins that were plastered with the Burger and Lobster Logo. Okay we don’t mean to be a snob and we realise this is almost a casual place to grab a bite but seriously a plastic apron with lobster?? – no thank you! Needless to say we soon put that out of our way.

In the meantime, we ordered a martini, extra dry. This came out and was in the smallest martini glass we have ever seen and not only that it was half full. The cocktail was £11 and we thought well over priced for a couple of drops of gin and a soaked olive to be honest, so we have to admit we did complain and they soon topped it up (after a couple of words with the manager).

We were then informed that the gas had gone in the kitchen, so there might be a wait on the food; fortunately this was sorted out quite quickly after a few panicked waiters and chefs rushed around. We ordered the Lobster as well as the lobster roll. We were quite pleased with what was presented to us,  a whole lobster that was well cooked and served with a generous portion of fries. The lobster tail pieces  were served in a brioche roll that was rather unceremoniously placed in a paper basket that again had the burger and lobster logo on it. The lobster tails were juicy and succulent but being placed in such a manner somewhat lost the appeal. We both agreed that the food was delicious and faultless for the price £20 for a lobster or lobster roll.

However we felt that due to the cheap logo’ed cutlery and table dressings as well as the speed of the service, it felt more like a fast food place than a place that serves good quality lobster. Having said that the service was friendly and food was well cooked and seasoned. Burger and Lobster gets:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

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