We decided to give the roof top restaurant at Selfridges a go; which changes theme over the seasons. This winter the theme was ‘Forest on the Roof’ boasting hearty food and seasonal cocktails ‘beneath a starry sky’. Diners get the lift to the fifth floor past the perfume department – it would be a really nice place to take an out of towner –  you arrive upon a magnificent entrance – like something out of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – it is very twinkly.

 They had lost our booking but fortunately they found us a table, this table however was squeezed between the kitchen in a narrow corridor to the outside terrace which was very busy and noisy . We did have window seats however and when and if the weather picks up it will be a delight to look over the City.

 The receptionist was very friendly and sat us down quickly. Our waiter seemed rushed but took our order of lamb stew with root vegetables and a fillet steak with onions promptly. We also ordered a side portion of chips and kale. We felt a little like we were on a conveyor belt – it is a busy place so quick turnaround times are essential. The food was tasty. My lamb melted in the mouth yet looked a little underwhelming – plonked in a pot with a hunk of white bread on the side, no butter, no garnish. Presentation was not its strong point but having eyed up the desserts, they made up for what the main courses lacked. After being rushed through ordering we now waited a long time for our water glasses to be filled up and to get the bill.

 I feel our awkward seating didn’t give us the best start and so I might be being a little tough when I say that the décor was not at its strongest in the dining area , rather at the entrance or leading into the bar. It sort of waned off by the kitchen and back end of restaurant. I felt a little let down I’ll admit. Service was most definitely rushed but what can you expect at a dining spot in one of London’s most famous establishments? My recommendation would be to go for a drink in the bar – if you can find a space – and give the food a miss – although tasty and good value the atmosphere is rather a let down and more TLC needs to go into the savory dishes.

As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

                Food                                                    Service                                     Atmosphere

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